Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Okay, so here is what happened.

When we put Kinley to bed at night, we say prayers with her. Usually its either Tom or me, but sometimes both. With me, she hugs my neck and closes her eyes and waits for me to say amen. With Tom, she hugs his neck tight and rubs his head with her eyes closed. The amen part is her favorite.

Anyway, the other night I put her down, said our prayers and left the room. When I went to lay down later, Kinley was still awake. As usual, she told me she needed lotion on her legs and feet. Okay. She crawled in bed with me and I gave her a little leg massage. She then snuggled up on my chest for some lovin'.

Here's where it gets good!

She then put her head down, closed her eyes and said
"Dear God, my mommy, Amen"
Then her big blue eyes popped open and looked up at me and she smiled.

I was so proud of her! I know she understands when we pray, but I don't really know if she gets what is going on. Usually if I ask her what she wants to pray about she says "I don't know", so I was completely amazed when she did this herself.

To top this off, she then told be she needed to pray for her daddy and closed her eyes and did. I was so happy and smiling I almost cried! I know pretty sappy. I then sent her out into the living room to tell Tom what she had done. You could tell she was so proud of herself since we were making a big deal out of it, and it was GREAT!

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