Saturday, May 24, 2008

Colorado Adventure

Well, since our last post we have traveled quite a bit. The Big 12 conference meet was in Boulder, Colorado. Since I went to school near there and still have friends in Colorado, I decided it would be a great time to see them, get to see Tom when he's away, and see some great track. Kinley and I left on a Tuesday for Burlington, CO. This took us a little under 5 hours including stops. Kinley did great in the car - reading books, talking on her phone, taking a nap, and having a few snacks. We stayed with my friend Kelly and her two sons, Tyler and Ryan.

We had so much fun catching up and spending time together. Kinley really liked playing with their dog, Buddy, and all of Kelly's Discovery Toys (really cool stuff!).

On Wednesday, we met Kelly for lunch and then drove up to Greeley (where I went to school) to see a couple of my friends that just had a cute little baby girl. I thought Kinley would be really excited to see/play with the baby, but she was more interested in the baby swing and the cat who didn't really like Kinley so much. Kinley didn't even want to hold Olivia. This shocked me! Eventually when Olivia fell asleep we got a quick picture.

We continued down to Longmont after dinner with Beth and Dave to stay with our ex-neighbors. Ironically, our next-door neighbors from Knoxville just moved to Longmont (close to Boulder) to be close to their daughter and granddaughter. Norm and Penny were so gracious to let us stay with them when they just got back from Italy and were still trying to unpack from the move. Kinley quickly found the piano. Every chance she got she wanted to play. I have this short video, but I couldn't get her to sing and play on camera, only after I turned it off.

We got to hang out on Thursday and finally see Tom, and then the track meet started.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all great weather days filled with great track. Kinley must have had a good time because at the end of each day she was filthy! The dirtier you are means the more fun you had, right? On Sunday we met up with my college friend, Michelle. We got to spend some time together at lunch and for a while at the meet.

Surprisingly, Kinley got to pet a buffalo at the meet! Ralphie 4 was there for a few hours and Kinley got to pet her and grab a handful of fur she was shedding. Personally, I think its kinda gross, but this is also the child to took a sip of water out of the whirlpool - after athletes had been in it.

We had a great trip. It was so amazing to get to see old friends! This was also a great time to visit Colorado. Everything is green and blooming. Absolutely gorgeous! Yes, the trip home was long, but again Kinley and I took it in two days. I think total we drove between 1300 and 1400 miles, and it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

Nice piano play Kinley ;)
Hey I got home well, and I am having a good time here! Wish you all the best for the summer, especially Tom! Don't forget me little Kinley, I'm the one that knows all your DORA books : )
See you three in fall

Tom, Kim, and Kinley said...

Kinley asks about you and we've taught her that you are in Germany. She says it pretty funny, but she knows you're far away and thinks about you. Take care and see you in August!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim. It's Denise (West). I ran into Brynn Rutledge's mom yesterday and she was saying that she had seen you not too long ago. I was thinking tonight while I was waiting for my husband to get home that I'm gonna find that girl, and guess what. I did!! It's been a long time. What's the best way to stay in touch with you. I thought I'd at least leave you a message here to start with. Kinley is too cute!! My email is One of these days when you are in the Gtown area we'll have to get together. It sounds so funny to say, but our kids can all play together. Hope to hear from you soon.