Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nebraska Meet

A couple weeks ago Tom competed at Nebraska. He threw javelin in the morning. And, of course, he was supposed to throw shot put and run the 200 at the same time. He took 1 throw without any warm-ups and then rant the 200. He made it back in time for the last-round throws and got a couple more. He literally had 5 minutes after his race before the threw. He ended up with 16.21 in the shot, although he had a few further after the competition was over, and his 200 time was 22.16, I think. Kinley made a new friend , too.

Here is the 200. I know its hard to see, but Tom is in lane 4. (He's the tall one at the front)

This is Kinley giving Bella a puppy treat. She thought it was really cool for the puppy to lick her hand and take the treat right from her.

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