Saturday, April 26, 2008

Funny Kinley

Lately Kinley has made us laugh so much. We were working yesterday on Kinley saying her whole name...Kinley Elizabeth Pappas. She already says Kinley kinda funny because of the K and L. It sounds more like Tinny. Anyway, when she was saying Elizabeth it kept, and still does, coming out as "little bit". I was trying so hard not to laugh at her. She was trying so hard and was really proud of herself. Tinny Little Bit Pappas.

Two days ago, we were eating chicken Florentine. Kinley was eating pretty well until she pushed a little too far back in her chair. Her plate went flying over her head and everything landed on her face. Tom thought it was too funny to pass up. This picture is right after we pulled her back upright.

Yep, that's spinach on her chin and cream sauce on her eye and in her hair!

About a week or so ago, Kinley came running to me crying. Big crying with big tears. I saw her little face and immediately saw the blood dripping from her top lip. After a few minutes of talking and kissing, I found out that she had clipped a little calculator that can clip to your paper to her lip. Apparently she ripped it off instead of opening the clip back up. After a little ice (this fixes everything in our house) and a shower here was the result.

Natural lip plumper! That must have been what they did before collagen.
Just thought y'all might want to know what Kinley's been up to lately.

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