Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kinley!

Well, our big girl is officially 2! I can't believe it went so fast. I think maybe tomorrow she'll be learning how to drive with her dad.
We started the festivities by baking cupcakes. Kinley picked out strawberry cake mix and we decided to bake them in ice cream cones. I was a little worried how they would turn out, but they were great! Kinley was so excited to get to put sprinkles on all by herself.

Since our living arrangements are a bit unusual, we finally decided to get Kinley a big girl bed. We went and picked out this great little bed, and Kinley picked out the sheet all by herself.

We had a few people over on Saturday for the big day. Unfortunately none were Kinley's age. We tried to sing Happy Birthday to Kinley, but lately she doesn't like people looking at her. We had to stop singing and calm Kinley down to blow out her candles. This also proved to be challenging. I had to stay right beside her and "block" people from looking at her and then have her "help" me blow out the candles.

We had a great time playing with all of Kinley's new stuff. I think the hit of the party was the huge panda that Kinley's friends (Mina and Dodos) brought over. As soon as it got through the door she ran over and gave it a big hug. She rolled around with it, hugged it, fed it, and even changed its poo poo diaper.

We had a great time and I think Kinley did too. She wanted to wear her new clothes and just play, play, play. Hopefully this next year will be just as great as the past one!

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Sandra said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kinley.

Hope to see you again soon.

Conner's Nana, Pop Pop, and Uncle Ryan.