Thursday, February 28, 2008

So Long Mom and Dad

Kinley and I finally made it back to Manhattan on Tuesday. Our drive wasn't too bad, and Kinley was really good in the car. Last night Tom and I decided to catch a movie at the last minute. Luckily we found someone to watch Kinley. Tom dropped her off with Scott and "Mina" and then came to the movie. We saw Vantage Point. We both thought it was pretty good. Different from anything we have see before. Here comes the good part...When we went to pick up Kinley, Scott answered the door and said, "Look who's here!" Naturally, we expected Kinley to come running to us with open arms, instead, she screamed, "NO" and threw herself on the ground with her head down and cried. Tom and I were both disappointed. We thought she would at least be happy to see us, even if she wasn't ready to go. Well, at least we know she was having a good time.

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Kelly, Tyler and Ryan said...

Hey Kim - We just wanted to wish Kinley a happy 2nd birthday! We sure enjoy watching her grow up on your blog! We miss you! Kelly, Tyler and Ryan