Monday, December 17, 2007

Round 2

Just wanted to let everyone know Tom flew back to Knoxville yesterday. He is heading down to Chattanooga today for a second treatment on his foot. This is the same thing he had done in September. He gets knocked out, but there is no cutting; more like a big sound wave going into his heel. He'll be flying back tomorrow morning, and hopefully feeling much better. According to the doctor, after 2 treatments, the success rate (significantly less pain that lets you do what you want) jumps from 84% up to 96%. We just pray that this what will knock out the pain and let Tom train the way he wants to.
Once Tom gets back, we only have a day or so before we head out to Oregon on Thursday for all the Christmas fun with the Pappas family!

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Amber Lee said...

Hey, I found your blog through another blog who wrote on another blog


I live in Knoxville, used to go to SHBC, and have recently been banned from running by doctors, so I read your blog with happiness :D