Monday, December 10, 2007

Kinley Updates

Just wanted to let y'all see a few new pictures of Kinley. She's such a little person! Her sentences are getting longer everyday. This morning Kinley woke up and had a little juice then said, "Momma wake up." After a couple of minutes of me talking with my eyes closed, she said, "Momma out bed!" I knew at this point I had to actually get up. She then told me..."I huny (hungry)" I ask what she wants and she tells me...Quesadillas. This is her new favorite since we were in Texas. Luckily she eats these up. Well, enough of the talk. Here are the cutie pics.

Kinley insisted on going onto the balcony when is snowed. She only walked in her little path and I only let her stay out for a bit because it was only about 20 outside.

Here is the little precious all bundled up. Notice her "mittnahs"

Kinley's new favorite game is getting on Daddy's back. She will either jump on him or lay on him or ride him like this.

She's not quite brave/strong enough to sit up on Dad's back during the ride, but this works just as well for her.

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