Saturday, November 17, 2007

Practice Santa

Well, things aren't looking too good for the Santa picture this year. We were at the mall in Topeka today and walked by the place to take pictures with Santa. I told Tom we should at least stop and say hi and wave to him so Kinley will think its fun later to take a picture. This was not a good idea. She wouldn't even look at Santa at first. He wasn't busy, so he came closer to us and tried to talk to Kinley. She apparently took this as a threat. She immediately leaned back into me and wouldn't look him in the eye. He even tried to give her a little candy cane and Tom had to go get it and give it to her. We were walking away and she still wouldn't look at him or say bye to him. I guess maybe this year instead of a Santa picture we'll have a Christmas tree picture of something. We'll see.

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