Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Bee Movie

We decided to take Kinley to go see Bee Movie. She loves bees and likes popcorn, so I thought now would be a good time to try a movie. We went to a 12:30 show. I packed up her lunch and juice, grabbed the blanket and the binky, and off we went. We got our tickets, a coke and popcorn and went into the theater. Luckily there were seats on the end of the first row (this row has extra leg room because there is only a railing in front of it instead of seats). Once we got settled in, the previews had started. I stared giving Kinley her lunch and she was great. She sat on my lap covered in her blanket and ate like a big girl. I thought this was going to be great. Once she finished eating, I gave her the binky and snuggled her on my lap. Probably a minute before the actual movie started, Karol asked if she was sleeping. I looked down (she was being really still) and there she was sacked out before the opeing credits started! I guess I should have figured out the timing would be this way, but I thought with lunch and bees, she would be too hyped to sleep. I was wrong! She was out for at least 45 minutes and then woke up amazed at the screen. She liked the bees, but was more interested in looking at all the kids in the theater.
I guess you could say this was a successful first movie. I didn't have to take her out because she was crying; she didn't talk and make noise, and we all enjoyed the movie. Maybe next time she'll see more than the last 30 minutes of the show - who knows!

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Papa Nick said...

I think that Kinley takes after Dad. I can't remember the last time that Tom was awake through an entire movie.