Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Magic Eraser

Yesterday we had our first opportunity to see the wonders of the Magic Eraser. Kinley was peacefully coloring in a color book when I heard a strange sound. I followed it to a corner in our living room where Kinley was so graciously adding some artwork to the walls. Unfortunately, she wasn't hanging anything, but drawing on the two walls that meet at the corner. I have to admit, the coloring was great! Nice lines and symmetry, but not quite how I want to display Kinley's talents. After telling Kinley - again - that we only color on paper, I grabbed the Magic Eraser and wiped the walls clean. I'm glad I had one on hand, and also glad the walls are painted with a semi-gloss paint. Well, I'm sure I will get much more practice using the Magic Eraser, but hopefully it won't be for a long while - and not on the walls!

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