Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Quick Tour

I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Tom had to withdraw from the World Champs. His foot was not being very cooperative. As horrible as this was, I believe everything happens for a reason; we just have to discover, good or bad, what that reason is.
Aside from the meet. We had a great time in Japan. Many of you are asking for pictures, so here is our fast tour of Japan.

Gate to the Senso-ji (temple) in Tokyo

Pagoda at the Senso-ji

Nakajima teahouse in the Hama detached Palace Garden

Boat trip down the Sumida river under 12 bridges

Eating lunch down by the Tsukiji Fish Market
See Kinley using chopsticks too!

Side view of the Imperial Palace

In Nara the torii leading to the Kasuga Shrine lined with 3000 lanterns

Cases of beer and "kegs" of Saki from local brewers

Inside the Todai-ji temple, this is the largest bronze Buddha in the world standing at 16 meters tall. It was originally cast in 752, but the head only dates from 1692 due to earthquakes that have dislodges the head several times.

This post is at the back of the Todai-ji and the legend says that if you can fit through, you can reach Nirvana. We tried to send Kinley through, but she only made it half-way before she backed out. I guess she knows the truth already and doesn't need this legend. What a proud moment for me!

On the subway back to Osaka from Nara.

Here is the entrance to Nagai Stadium. Notice the 07 in the flowers behind us. Kinley stayed a while and posed for everyone.

The Shitenno-ji Temple from inside the outer gates.

Kinley was chasing these pigeons and a man gave us popcorn to feed them. One tried to eat out of Kinley's hand and got a little scared. Whenever I would wave the bag, they would fly up like this.

It was getting pretty hot at the stadium, even during the evening session. Kinley worked hard on her fanning skills.

On the way home, the subway got a little crowded. Kinley almost got crushed by all the men squeezing into the car. We could barely move, and got a little more friendly with each other than we had planned.

Kinley giving her daddy a kiss after he withdrew from the competition. He is still and always will be her hero.

This is Osaka Castle. It was rebuilt 1931 and is smaller than the original. Back in the day, there were 2 motes!

Tom and Kinley climbing up an inner wall to look at the view. Can you tell Kinley is a big girl?

This is our last group picture in Osaka. Don't we look great!

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