Saturday, September 29, 2007


Don't get too alarmed. We have just been finding out more and more things Kinley can do all by herself, like calling 911. Kinely and I were over at Tim and Ginger's house visiting while we were in Knoxville. She was getting into everything, of course. At one point she actually had the house phone on one ear and the cell phone on the other. Along these lines...We were catching up and Ginger grabbed the house phone and said, "No, I'm so sorry. A baby was playing with the phone. Well, she's one. No, I'm so sorry." Tim and I are cracking up by now amazed Kinley actually managed to dial someone, but than we asked who was the lucky recipient. This is when Ginger laughed and said "911". Even though we all the laughed, I was so embarrassed. You can get in big trouble for calling 911 without an emergency. Luckily, the operator understood and Tim and Ginger have 2 new grandsons to get prepared for fun times like these.

Kinley has found her new favorite word. It's Noah. Our friends have a 3 month old named Noah and since this is oh so close to No, it has naturally become a favorite. She'll repeat it about 10 times in row until I tell her Noah is at home with his mommy going night-night. Then, of course, she tells me NO.

Kinley's jumping is getting better and better. She likes to hop hop like a bunny. She can even jump forward now. Her standing long jump is up to at least 7 inches now.

Well, the things Kinley can do is amazing (to us anyway). She does so much more every day. I feel like maybe tomorrow she'll all of the sudden answer me in full sentences. Hopefully not, but I wouldn't put anything past her. She's pretty great!

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