Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cousins in Texas

While in Texas, Kinley got to play with lots of cousins. Aunt Lolo's girls, Holly, Emma and Leah, Aunt Shanny's son, Ryan, and Tom's cousin Sarah's son, Joe. We had so much fun! Kinley loves babies and with all the kids around, she was in heaven. You can see here she liked to hold Joe the most. Probably because he's the only one smaller than her.

Kinley and Ryan loved to play chase. Ryan would tell her he was going to get her and they would run around and around Grami's house. They just laughed at each other. They were actually really cute.
After a tough day playing outside, swinging, sliding, and making soup in the sandbox, it was time to clean up. After my mom and I put in Kinley in the bath tub, all the others started coming in one by one. I guess it was a little faster, maybe, but it was pretty funny.

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