Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kiss and Tell

Today at the track there was a mom and little boy playing. When Kinley finally noticed them, we went over to say hi. This boy was about 18 months old and only a little bigger than Kinley, but most importantly he was playing with a ball. When we got close, I told Kinley to say hi to him, but to my amazement...she sheepishly kept walking closer to him with her mouth open to kiss him. He instinctively backed away from her and waved. She tried one more time and then came running to me to hide behind my legs. She apparently got over her rejection because they continued to play and she only tried to kiss him once more with the same result - rejection. I thought I had to worry about her diva behavior, but I'm thinking I should be more concerned with her wanting to kiss strangers (even though he was really cute). I didn't think this was supposed to happen until she got over the cootie germs. Oh, well she keeps me smiling.

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Christy said...

Maybe my "birthday buddy" could teach me a thing or two about picking up boys :) She's looking so big and so cute in the recent pictures. I miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon!