Friday, February 16, 2007

First Competition of 2007

Last night Tom competed for the first time this year. He and his coach talked about it and decided on the 800. Tom was a little nervous because he has never run this distance outside of practice. As the start time grew closer, I was the one getting the nerves. I was so excited/nervous/anxious for Tom, and yet there was not a thing I could do for him. I'm going to be a wreck when Kinley starts doing things. Anyway, Tom did great for his first 800. He ran a little too fast at the beginning, but all in all, he held together pretty well.

These are pictures of lap one and two. Obviously I need to work on my one-hand-holding-Kinley photography skills. I'll try better next time.
Oh for those track fans. He was 27.5 then 56.4 then 1:27.? and finished at 2:02.94 officially.

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willy bill said...

2:02 ??? Lets see, 2:02, actually 2:03 more or less minus 56 second first lap gives me what for the second lap. Im no mathematician but I think, well lets just say Im no mathematician.

From your lovely brother