Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Bash (x2)

So, March has become a VERY busy month for us.  Kinley's birthday is the 8th, and exactly 1 week later is the boys' on the 15th - whew! 
Our boys have hit that huge milestone - they are 1!! I can't believe how slow and hard many days were, but how fast this year has flown by.  We decided on a balloon theme for the boys, and they loved it.  Tucker walked around the entire party with a balloon tied to his wrist.  Max got into a wrestling match with a big green balloon that bounced him off and rolled him away.  I truly wish I had caught that one of film:)
We are so thankful that so many of our friends and family came to celebrate with us and hope everyone had a great time - we certainly did.
Our St. Patrick's Day/birthday picture (Tucker's staring up at his balloon)

Tucker got a bit tangled up in some balloons.  He walked around and played with this bunch stuck on him for quite a while, and was so confused when I fished him out.
Lots of boys hiding out in a balloon pile in the corner.  Max loving playing with the big boys:)
They got a cute riding/bouncing toy.  I had Max on helping him bounce when Tucker thought he would be a great help. 
Tucker giving the cutest monkey with huge eyes a big ole kiss!
Max kinda liked his cake.  He would use one finger to lick some icing, let me give him a bite of cake, and only took a total of 5 bites. (This momma was a bit disappointed there was no grabbing and cake throwing)
Tucker was a little more interested in his cake, but only to climb on the table with it.  He liked when Tom fed him bites, but only fed himself a couple.
The shirt got some icing love, but still no grabbing or digging or throwing:(
They weren't too excited about being sung to, but they both liked the candle.  I still had hope here they would dig in.

Ok, switching gears...Kinley decided on a tea party theme this year.  She wanted to have it at Grami's house and even picked out tea cups from the thrift shop for each of her guests - this might have been her favorite part.
For a couple years now Kinley has loved playing any type of pin the whatever on the whatever.  So of course we had pin the spout on the tea pot.  I've never seen a group of girls with worse directions!  I even ended up with one spout on me!

Everyone sitting down with their cupcakes they decorated singing Happy Birthday.  They couldn't wait to dig in to the mountains of frosting they piled on their little cup cakes.

Kinley's favorite singer is Taylor Swift and got her new CD from her siblings.  Those silly girls had to put it on, listen to "We are never ever getting back together" and play freeze dance.  It was hilarious!! They were all dancing around with tissue paper capes, scarves and ribbons.  Tucker was mesmerized by all the silliness, but Max...he was a dancing fool!
 Crazy kids!
On Kinley's actual birthday, there just happened to be a father/daughter dance.  Tom decided to take both girls out to dinner and to the dance for a fun evening.  The girls were SO excited.  We did their nails, fixed hair special and wore their best dress.
Kendall posing with her dress that "spins"

Do I really need to say anything?!

Good looking crew!
Happy 7th Birthday Kinley 

Kendall and Daddy
The girls and Tom both had a great time.  They went with some friends to a pizza place for dinner and said it wasn't good.  Kinley told me it was "really buttery - like you could see it".  I think it must have been greasy.  The dance was fun, and they each decorated a little bird house and got to bring it home.  They shared some hot chocolate - I guess Kendall had a harder time sharing than Kinley.  Tom said Kendall was falling asleep on him toward the end and Kinley would just cling onto his leg when they were slow dancing.  Most importantly, those girls thought their daddy was the coolest!

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