Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Draeger Visit

We took another trip up to see our dear friends in Wisconsin.  We happened to be there for a wonderful anniversary get together.  The location was beautiful, the food amazing, and the best friends you could ask for.

Kendall dropped her bowl of goldfish all over the sidewalk.  I guess its a good thing she doesn't mind eating food off the floor - maybe.

The girls thought playing in this fire pit that had rocks in the bottom was so much fun.

One night Ms Reva, Kinley and I got to roast marshmallows and make S'mores in their fire pit at the house. Yummy!
                              Serious concentrations to get the right amount of heat on that mallow
                                               Reva and Kinley enjoying the final product
 Reva took us over to the Dales closest to their house.  I'm still not sure what that really means, but it was beautiful.  There were huge rocks in a river that made little pools that people were jumping into.  There were all kinds of walking/hiking trains along the river and even a play place and bathrooms.

                                                                  Here's the family
                                                                 Just the little girls
                   The girls hiking with Daddy.  Kendall needed a little help with those big rocks.
                                                     That's better - a nice running trail:)
 Kinley just had to get in the water.  There was a great place to put her feet in along our hike.  Yep, water was really cold:)
 I have never seen so many crawdads in my life.  This was like NY City for them.  They were laying on the rocks in shallow water basking, hiding and fighting.  We're talking hundreds along the shore. 
 One of Reva's horses was pregnant when we got there.  We went out and saw her in the barn with her big ole belly.  It was really cool to see her tummy move with the baby.  We noticed her nipples were dripping milk, so Reva thought she was getting close.  Little did we know it was only hours later "little" Lilly popped out!  Aren't they beautiful!  Lilly is less than 12 hours old in this picture.

We always have so much fun at the Draeger's house, and this time was no different.  Aside from Tom letting the girls pet a snapping turtle, it was great!  So peaceful, so beautiful and an amazing family to learn from. Thanks so much!

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