Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lydia, Oh Lydia....

Kinley's preschool has a circus day each year. All the kids are invited to dress up like a circus performer. This year they had a pizza lunch for everyone and then free time to play traditional games from the circus.

Kendall and I showed up a little early to help Kinley get into her costume. I love getting a glimpse of Kinley in her classroom interacting with her friends and her teacher.

Kendall LOVES her big sister!

After much debate, Kinley chose to be the Tattooed Lady! We had a blast getting her all tatted up:) (all I can think about is the old Muppet Show song about Lydia the Tattooed Lady)

We found out Kendall loves her some pizza - 2 whole slices!

This is Kinley and her teacher (Mrs. Jennifer) at the bean bag toss.

So precious! I just love her smile:)

Kendall got her turn to play too

The girls had a really good time. Kendall loved all the people watching (a girl after my own heart), and Kinley twirled and bounced her way to all the games.

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Melissa said...

What a bunch of hams!