Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Kinley is one lucky girl! The Saturday before Halloween the Manhattan zoo has a Spooktacular even where the kids can trick or treat and get to see the animals. Kinley chose to dress as a nurse for this day. Her "real" costume is a white witch, but at school they could only dress up as community helpers, so she decided on a nurse.

The family picture at the zoo.

Here is our precious nurse! She barely glanced at the animals, but she was on a sharp look-out for the next candy opportunity.

We had a great time walking around with our friends and looking at all the animals. We got to pet an opossum the size of a cat, a turtle, a goat and a snake (Tom and Kinley avoided this one).

Halloween was so much fun this year. We got together with friends and had a blast! Kinley was so much more into the trick-or-treating this year. She was so cute going up to the house and knocking on the door and waiting. A few times she would forget to say thank you until she started walking away, so she would just YELL it over her shoulder as she was running back to us.
I just thought the decorations were cute at this house. Too bad it was already dark.

And finally, here is the beautiful white witch!

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