Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of Preschool

Well, the day finally dawned when Kinley got to go to preschool. To say that she was excited would not even begin to describe how she was feeling.
Tom tried to wake her up this morning to no avail, but when he mentioned it was a school day, she opened her eyes super wide, then a huge smile popped up and then she sat straight up in bed ready to go.
I made her a special breakfast of banana pancakes with sprinkles (her favorite). She needed a little encouragement to keep eating. She just kept telling me she was ready to go now.

After all the necessary primping, we were out the door. Here is the traditional front door first day of school picture. I know the lunch box is a little boring, but her real one is backordered.
After about 3 minutes of our drive to school, Kinley asked me what was taking so long. She cracks me up!
Big girl heading into school.
This is one of Kinley's teachers helping her put her bag in her little cubby. She was excited and didn't act scared at all. I gave her one last hug and kiss and told her she was going to have fun and then I turned to leave the room. Thankfully, I suddenly felt two little hands grab mine and Kinley is there looking up at me with those huge blue eyes and she says, "But Mom, I'm going to miss you." Aww, I know she's great. I told her I would miss her too but she was going to have so much fun. She went right over to the table where her name was and sat around with some of the other kids trying to figure out what they were supposed to be doing.
When I went to pick her up she was so happy! Her teacher said she did "amazing". I keep trying to ask her what she did, but she won't say. So far I've found out they learned a wash your hands song while they were in the bathroom, they played outside, ate some lunch, and she told Jimbo they painted their hands and stamped them on paper. Maybe I'll figure it out by the time the school year is over. Oh well, at least she had a great time.
Once we got home, she went into her room and found these!
Jimbo's mom made her some amazing wings! I think its funny she knows exactly what they are and how to put them on - no question.

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Anonymous said...

So cute. It is hard to believe that she is already going to school. She is growing up so quickly. I love that she told you that she "was going to miss you." What a little cutie pie. Hope all is well.