Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lots of Fun and a Little Drama

Kinley and I ventured down to Texas last week for my cousin's wedding. We came in early and surprised my mom. I always love to see if we can truly pull it off. We did some painting at my sister's house, played at the "cool pool" got lots of play time in with the cousins, and went to the wedding. It was really nice and everyone had a great time - especially Kinley...

My aunt and uncle had a pool party/BBQ at their house the night before the wedding. We all had a great time. Kinley absolutely loves the water and never wants to get out. She thinks she is so big with her floaties!

Just a comes a picture of my big belly! I wish I had measured my tummy with Kinley just to compare, but here it is with a little over 3 months to go...

After that scary picture, here is one of the little angel. She is trying to wait patiently for the ceremony to start. This was the first time I had "trouble" with Kinley. She wouldn't be quiet. She wasn't being bad, but just kept asking questions and commenting during the whole thing. I kept having to hold her lips closed for her.

This is our attempt at a self-portrait. We set the timer and ran!

Now for the best part...

As soon as we got to the reception, Kinley took a sip of water and looked at me and said, "Mom, I have to dance." How hilarious! There was no one on the dance floor, no music and very few guests at this point, so I thought, sure why not. She loved it! She only took little breaks (for cheese and cake) and would try to dance with anyone out there.

Now, the bad part...

This might be a little too much, so just skip over if you need to. On our way home, we got bumped up to first class for our flight from Austin to Atlanta. Pretty cool.! In Atlanta everything went downhill - fast. We were going down the escalator, holding hands, and Kinley just started crying and screaming about her toe. When we got to the bottom, a lady said I should check her foot because the escalator cut her daughter's toe one time. Well, by the time I got out of the way of everyone else, there was blood dripping out of her cute little Croc. I carefully took off her shoe (which had black skid marks on the outside edge) only to find a huge gash (I say this because it wasn't a clean cut) under her pinkie toe around the outside of her foot. Luckily, a woman gave me a clean wash cloth to apply pressure, and someone called for help. An airport worker came over and radioed for the EMT people and then we waited. A really nice woman and her daughter stayed with us the whole time and helped clean up Kinley's shoe, the floor and just gave me someone to talk to. Kinley was crying to hard and telling me not to squeeze too tight, and thankfully she fell asleep. A short 45 minutes later, the EMT guys showed up, cleaned her foot a little and put a quick bandage on it. We followed them to a waiting ambulance that ended up being right on the tarmac with the airplanes (way cool for both of us). Its a little scary riding down the interstate with a big back door with a window right there at the bottom of your daughter's bed on wheels. We got to the children's hospital, filled out some paperwork, and went to a little procedure room. Eventually a doctor came in looked, said definitely stitches and x-rays to be safe (since we don't really know how this happened). We walked up to x-ray and I had to leave her with a nurse and her blanket (Purple). I could hear her talking and saying cheese for the camera. Let me just say now that had I not been alone I would have been bawling this entire time, but I had on my brave face for Kinley.

So, back to our room with the promise of a purple Popsicle when we were all done. The x-rays came back normal, so just the stitches to look forward to. When we first got to the room, the doctor put some numbing cream on a cotton ball and taped it to her toe. This was to numb anything it touched. Next, the nurse gave Kinley some medicine to calm her down and forget what was going on. We had to wait quite a while for this to fully kick in, but it sure was funny to see my 3 year-old trying so hard to put her finger back in a pulse monitor and missing by a mile! Finally the doctor and a nurse came in and set everything up. The doctor held her foot, the nurse was grabbing her leg and laying across them both, and I was practically laying on top of her telling her everything was okay. Once they started, I about lost it! Only the top layer of Kinley's skin was numbed, and because of the jagged shape and depth of the "laceration" the doctor had to stitch VERY deep. She screamed and tried to pull her leg away and was yelling for me to get off her. The whole time just looking at me to help her, and there I was holding her down telling her it was going to be okay. What a liar! After what seemed like a lifetime and 4 stitches later, she just curled up next to me and cried. This was a little strange because she was so upset, but so loopy she couldn't even sit up. When they finally brought her the Popsicle, she would take a little bite, but then just stare at it trying to figure it out.

We had to hang out for a bit to make sure Kinley didn't have any problem with the meds, so this gave me time to text with Tom. We had obviously missed all the flights back to Kansas City, so we needed to be confirmed on a morning flight and needed a place to stay. Tom took care of the flight, and when he called, they we going to charge him! Luckily, a different lady took care of everything and got us on the 7:30 flight in the morning. Jim got us a hotel and texted us the address, so when we were ready to go, I just had to show the cab driver and off we went.

Now, let me just add couple things although I know this is already so long.

1. I haven't eaten since having a soft pretzel on the plane we got while in Austin. Our flight was at 2:00pm. (oops, I forgot Kinley shared some of her Popsicle with me)

2. Kinley hurt her foot around 5:30pm Atlanta time.

3. We left the hospital at 11:00pm Atlanta time.

4. Once we checked in our hotel, I walked over to Denny's, carrying Kinley, and ordered us some food. Kinley was still so loopy she couldn't sit on a stool by herself!

5. When Kiney fell asleep around 12:15am I finally cried. Not just a few tears, but cried. Nothing is worse that your hurt baby.

Okay, so there was our trip. Kinley is doing great now. She doesn't remember the stitches, thank God, and she only mentions her foot in the shower and when anyone tries to look at it. She is running and walking around fine which is great since we leave for Germany in 2 days! I can't imagine having to carry her all the time - just makes me tired thinking about it.


Kelly said...

First of all - what a cute belly you have!!
Second of all - I'm so sorry about Kinley's foot. You handled everything so well! The comment you made about finally crying brought tears to my eyes. You are such an awesome mommy!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about what happened to Kinley. It must have been a difficult thing for the two of you to go through. I am glad to hear that she is doing better. Have fun in Germany. Talk to you soon.