Saturday, January 10, 2009


While driving out to Knoxville to meet the movers (another story for a later time) we/I decided to go to Graceland. I have always wanted to go and decided, why not.

Here we are outside the front of the mansion.

Front entry parlor complete with stained-glass peacocks.

Hard to tell, but we were heading upstairs in a hallway that was completely covered with green shag carpeting. It was awesome!

They had converted Elvis' raquetball court into this "trophy" room. Pretty cool and even had some of the more sparkly capes Elvis wore.

So, this is at the back of Elvis' plane the Lisa Marie. I was taking this picture of me in the bathroom mirror when an alarm went off. I turned around to see Kinley laying on Elvis' bed! Luckily we were the only ones on the plane and the guard didn't come and get us, but wow!

I've heard many things about Graceland, and I loved it. I thought it was really neat. Ironically we went on the 8th (our anniversary) which is Elvis' birthday. We went early in the morning and it wasn't really crowded. It took us almost 2 hours to get through everything. It was just enough time to see everything and not too long for Kinley to really lose it. I'm so glad we went, and I'm sure Tom is as well.

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Anjie said...

I have always been very curious about what Graceland would be like. Thanks for the sneak preview! Hope all is well.