Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New House

Well, we finally decided we've had enough of the 1 bedroom apartment. We've looked for a while, hoping our house in Knoxville would sell, and finally found a house that would work for us. We are still praying about the house in Knoxville, but know that a house is what our family needs. We don't get to close on the house until the 19th of December, but here is a sneak peak.
The house from inside my car - it was cold and rainy.

An actual back yard! And this is only about half of it.

A kitchen with more than 1 cabinet - this should be fun!

And of course our cute Kinley. By the way, she can't wait to paint her new room. Our conversation usually goes something like this, "What color do you want to paint your room?" Kinley: "Um, maybe brown, or something?!" Keep in mind the color changes, but a lot of the time it is brown. Who knows.

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Kelly, Tyler and Ryan said...

Wow!! I love it! Congratulations!! We just might have to come visit you sometime! :-)