Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zoo Spooktacular

As we did last year, we went to Sunset Zoo here in Manhattan for a day of fun. They let the kids dress up and trick or treat from sponsored booths as well as see all the animals. Kinley had much more fun this year getting the candy, but it was a little scary at first. Before we even got into the zoo a lady gave Kinley a bracelet and a piece of candy, and Kiney just started crying. I don't even know why. I guess it wasn't what she was expecting. Anyway, once we went into the zoo, she had a great time.
There was a nice little play area Kinley played on for a while. She wasn't so sure about the wiggly bridge, but she loved the twisty slide.
The highlight again was the petting area. She didn't use a brush this time, but her hands worked just great. We gave her a handful of feed, but the goats ate it before we could even blink let alone take pictures. Before we made it to this area, we got to see a lady with a snake. Kinley actually pet it! I was really proud of her, although she didn't want to go in the little Dracula Dressing Area that was a little spooky.
Kinley and Tom in the petting area.

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