Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 4 - August 22

Bright and early we were off for an other packed day. Only this time, Tom got to join us. We had to make a detour on our way out of town for Tom to schedule his MRI, but then it was off on the adventure. First stop was a jade factory. I never realized the work that goes into making something out of jade or the importance of it to the Chinese.

Kinley rubbing the happy Buddah belly.

Next - the Great Wall! This was amazing! We went to a different part than I had been to before. Dino, our guide, said this part was less crowded but hillier. We all made it a few steps, but only 4 made it to the tippy-top.

Group picture at the start of the climb. The tower in the middle is as far as Kinley, Christy and I made it, I think.

Kinley on the way down. She was dying to take off running. Notice the sweat spot on her tummy. She rode on my shoulders and that was where my head heated up her belly.

Here we are somewhere on our journey. We aren't at our highest part yet, but definately farther from the bottom than the top.

We stopped by the Friendship market on the way home for lunch and some shopping in a Cloisonne factory store.

This is Kinley's first attempt using chop sticks. She did really well for a first-timer.

Finally we made it home at 4:00pm. Talk about a full day! Again a group went to the track to watch men's pole vault final and the first rounds of the 4x400m relay - hopefully more successful than the relays last night. Kinley, Tom and I are tuckered out - all for different reasons. Tom's is pretty obvious, I carted Kinley up and down the wall, and Kinley I think is tired from all the photo shoots - its rough being adorable.

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Kelly, Tyler and Ryan said...

Oh man that stinks! We hope Tom is okay! Thanks for sharing your blog with us - you are doing a great job! Miss you lots! Hang in there!