Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick Trip

Last week Kinley and I went down to Texas to be with my family after getting a call that my step-dad was having chest pains. Luckily everything seems to be fine, but it was good to go down and help out. Kinley had a great time seeing her cousins and of course Papaw and Lolo.
For some reason she talks about them the most. I think it must be they are the craziest.

Kinley had some great play time with Papaw! After only a couple tries, she was all over the climbing wall and sliding!

Unfortunately, I missed filming her walk right into the railing and fall back on her booty. She also came down the slide and bit it face first. She had her mouth open and came up with leaves stuck to her face and in her mouth. I probably shouldn't have laughed, but it was too funny and she was ok.

Ryan got a great shopping cart for Christmas that Kinley really liked playing with. She piled lots of groceries and of course, a baby. She even picked up some chocolate like all ladies should.

Kinley grabbed this little hat that was laying around and put it on. This is one of her mischievous looks. I love that the hat matches the color of her eyes!

This is her smiling for me. If I ask her to smile - this is what I get. I admit it is cute, but not like her natural smile that lites up her little face.

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