Thursday, January 24, 2008


Kinley has gone to 2 weeks of gymnastics now. The first week was a little rough. She cried and didn't want to warm-up last week, but this week she was great. Its still hard for her to have to wait for the other kids to do everything, and she doesn't like playing then sitting down for instructions, but she's getting there. These pictures are from last week. We, the parents, have to help a lot during the class, so I could only get pictures at the end of class in the foam pit.

Kinley loved jumping into the foam pit. She actually got really brave and jumped off the highest level of those boxes! I was pretty impressed. She was the only little kid to do it; although this week she wouldn't go from the highest level.

This is right before she had to get out. She tried to stay in and just laid back on all the foam, and I had to drag her out by her feet.

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Nick & Lotsie said...

I came across your blog and fell in love. It is such a great way to see all of you and check out how adorable and grown up Kinley is getting. She is too cute for words. Hope all is well.