Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spooktacular Saturday

Saturday was a Spooktacular Event at the Sunset Zoo in Manhattan. For a few hours, you could bring your child to trick-or-treat along with the animals. Kinley thought this was great fun! She was only allowed to have one sucker, much to her dissapointment, but she liked going to all the people and getting candy anyway.

The animals were neat to see too. Kinley liked the tigers and sloth bears and all the birds. Here is Kinley looking at something in the pond (I don't remember what).

Near the end of our adventure, we found the petting zoo. Tom took Kinley in with a little a brush. Kinley was really brave brushing and petting a little goat. She had no desire to pet a big pig that was taking a nap.

Here is Kinley in our apartment while we were getting ready. She was posing here showing me her costume. Notice the cute little tail. It shakes when she struts her stuff!

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