Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our ER Visit

Well, we had our first trip to the ER with Kinley on Monday night. Fortunately for us it was for me, not Kinley. I had an allergic reaction to something. We still don't know what. I was on the treadmill and started feeling weird and itchy. By the time I got up to the apartment, I was feeling pretty bad. I must not have looked too good because Tom called Dr. Bell (he helps us a lot) to see what we should do. He said go straight to the hospital; so we did. They took be back to a little room right away and started asking all kinds of questions. Once the doctor came in, they started an IV (Tom only got a little sweaty) and gave me 3 different medications. They started working right away, but it took a little quite a while for all the swelling in my face to go down. Luckily we were only there a couple hours and everything turned out well. I will probably never know what caused this, but I sure hope it doesn't happen again. They sent me home with a prednisone prescription and a pat on the back.
Today I was feeling much better. I was pretty weak all day. I think this was from all the chaos and shivering I was doing last night. The only strange thing was my hands and forearms were tired like I had been lifting heavy - pretty weird. All in all, I'm doing fine and am thankful Tom thought to call Dr. Bell. We both probably would have tried to tough it out and possibly made it worse. This was enough excitement for a while, so hopefully its really boring around here for a quite a while.

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