Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Day With Dad

Today Daddy took me to the park in town. I think mom must have been tired or something, but that's ok. Daddy and I had a great time!

Daddy pushed me on the big girl swing - I'm not a baby anymore. I think I can do this by myself, but I let Daddy feel useful.

I also got to drive the big boat. I'm really practicing to drive Daddy's car. I think he'll let me in a few months. I'm pretty good now.

I also got to slide on all the big slides. I really liked the twisty one. It was the most fun to go round and round.

We had a really great time! I tried to play with lots of kids, but they must have been scared of me or something. I was playing with one girl, but I accidentally threw sand her way and Daddy told me we had to go . Maybe next time there will be more kids my size I can talk to. Well, now you now about my day!

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