Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Happy 4th everyone! We had a pretty good day. It started off hot...temperature that is. I think it was 90 by the time Kinley and I got to the track after 10:30. Okay, maybe not 90, but pretty close. Anyway, a little storm came in later in the day to cool things off, but by the time we went to Cliff and Karol's for dinner and evening entertainment, it was fine. We had great burgers and fixins and then we watched a couple of movies. When it started getting dark enough, Karol, Kinley and I went out front to watch all the fireworks. We could see at least 6 different "shows" at the same time. I think the highlight of the evening was watching the baby bunnies in the front yard. We think there were 6 babies with mommy. They didn't seem scared of the fireworks. In fact, when we spotted them they were just sitting by the porch watching all the chaos around them. We had a nice evening without all the fuss. Truly a holiday!

This last picture is one taken earlier today. Tom was playing with Kinley, and he catches my attention to see this...

That's right. Kinley loves her Daddy. She just kept leaning over and giving him big smooches. I have to admit, she never does this with me. I practically have to beg her for kisses unless she falls down, which isn't very often. Too cute!

I know the pictures are a little fuzzy, I don't know if it was us or the camera. Sorry!

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