Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter

Kinley and I were down in Texas for Easter this year. We were both pretty excited since Kinley had been carrying around her basket for a few days putting anything in it that would fit. We went to church and then to my mom's house for the festivities. It was unseasonably cool and wet this year, so the Easter bunny hid our eggs inside. This made for total chaos. We had 5 kids in a small area trying to find eggs and not eat each other's candy. I think it only took 5 minutes for the eggs to be found, but that was plenty for Kinley and I. She found the 6 eggs with her name on them and one glitter egg. Mostly she wanted to play in all the goodies out of the baskets. We had a great family lunch and then everyone left for nap time (yeah!). Kinley and I had a great time, but it wasn't the same without Tom. It's one of those days where you really need to be with your family, and a big part of ours was missing. Don't get too sad...He was with Kip having a great guy's weekend.

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