Thursday, March 1, 2007

Home Away From Home

Its official...We are now proud renters of a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. We have a nice balcony on the third floor, a great laundry room attached to the kitchen, and four huge windows in the living room. I'll take pictures soon. The apartment is about half a mile or so from the outdoor track, and a mile, give or take, from the indoor track. We are pretty excited to have our own place again. We love living with Cliff and Karol, but its nice to have your own area. Our new bed gets delivered on Monday and cable installed on Thursday, so we'll probably move early next week. Of course our couches don't arrive until late March and we don't have a TV yet, but we'll make it. Even though its small, it serves our purpose, and anyone is welcome to visit. We do have a pool and workout room and most importantly, continental breakfast during school.

Our new address is:

1401 College Avenue Apt. E308
Manhattan, Kansas 66502

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