Friday, February 2, 2007

A Day at the Office

Well, I just wanted all of you to know what Mom and Dad have me doing these days...

Here I am setting up some equipment for Dad's workout. Don't worry though, I have it under control. I was trying to show Daddy how to high jump, but I think he knows all ready.

Next we moved on to the pole vault. I think my job is to make sure the box is the right size and at the right angle. Looked good to me!

We slowed down and did a little shot put. Dad only throws a little bit farther than I do. I'm sure I'll catch up when I start lifting heavier.

Here we are at the hurdles. I know you think I'm too short, but I'm getting really fast!

I'm finishing up here doing a little multiple throws with Dad. Sometimes he lets me roll the ball back to him. I was helping get the ball out of the net. Apparently Mom thinks this is a safer way to help. Well, that's a typical morning for me. Its no wonder I usually need a nap on the way home. Wouldn't you?

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