Saturday, January 20, 2007

House Hunting

We went looking at houses in Manhattan for the second time today. We've seen a couple we like, but we don't want to jump in without making sure its just right. Today it was snowing while we were looking. It sure made us get into the houses more quickly. It's such a huge step for us to make this permanent decision. I know its the right one, but financially its huge. Hopefully, the perfect house will jump out at us and we'll know. I think we are going to look at a few more early next week. We'd like to get into something fairly soon. We are so thankful Cliff and Karol are letting us stay with them, but we really would like our own place. So, we'll see what happens.


Grami said...

Boy, I love this journalish picture thingy you call a blog. I get to see you all so much more often than before. The saucer picture is the cutest ever. Love you all.

nick & vinita said...

Hi Tom, Kim & Kinley! We just found out about your blog...what a great idea! We love all the pictures. Best of luck house hunting!