Saturday, January 6, 2007

Christmas in Oregon

This year we took the trip to beautiful Oregon for Christmas. So much family and fun! Kinley had a great time playing with so many cousins her age and so many new toys. We were at the Big House for Christmas Eve. There was tons of food and family. After some eating and some singing, Santa came to visit. Kinley was brave for a second, then I think the moment became too much. Tom did manage to get all his workouts done, despite the rain, except one. After it had been raining for a few days, the Big House's floor started to flood. The boys spent the whole day trying to figure out the problem, but I think the rain was getting the best of them. After an other day of trial and error, I think they (mostly Billy) found a short-term solution. You know there can't be a family reunion without some problem to fix. All in all, we had a wonderful time seeing and playing with everyone. I guess it was pretty great as far as a baby's first Christmas. Kinley actually did open a couple of gifts. Mostly because she loves paper. Her eyes sparkled when she saw the new toys and played with everyone else's toys. Who really wants to play with your own stuff? Believe me, Christmas was much better than our trip home.


Jim, Sandra, & Ryan O'Hare said...

Kinley looks adorable. We have heard so much about her from Tim and Anna and we look forward to meeting her soon. Keep the pictures coming.

Peter and Laura Pappas said...

We had fun visiting with you at Christmas time. Hope to see you again soon -